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AD-1 Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor

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Portable aneroid blood pressure monitor. 0-300 mmHg regular size manometer, zinc-aluminium alloy housing with high resistance painting, easy to read plainn scale. Includes cuff, air bulb with valve and storage bag.

Specifications Code
Cotton cuffVelcro strapObese sizeAP201
Cotton cuffVelcro strapAdult sizeAP202
Cotton cuffVelcro strapTeenager sizeAP203
Cotton cuffVelcro strapChild sizeAP204
Cotton cuffVelcro strapNeonate sizeAP205
Cotton cuffMetal strapAdult sizeAP221
Nylon cuffVelcro strapObese sizeAP251
Nylon cuffVelcro strapAdult sizeAP252
Nylon cuffVelcro strapTeenager sizeAP253
Nylon cuffVelcro strapChild sizeAP254
Nylon cuffVelcro strapNeonate sizeAP255
Nylon cuffMetal strapAdult sizeAP271

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